Brought to you by Blue Line Capital is a worldwide distributor of security uniforms, gear, apparel and private investigative equipment. The company was founded by the owners of in order to offer our clients practical, affordable and quality uniforms that meet the needs of our industry. Our CEO, Michael Evans, is also the CEO of USPA Nationwide Security. Through the creation of Blue Line Capital, (the parent company of and Michael has been able to share the secrets of his success via eBooks, templates, websites and marketing strategies and now we present to you affordable uniforms at warehouse prices. Take a look around our website. The prices we offer on all of our uniforms and gear are the lowest (MAP) price that we can legally sell these items for. We want to be very clear when we say that this store is geared toward the security and private investigative industries only. We do not sell nursing uniforms, police uniforms or anything other than the most affordable security uniforms, security gear and private investigative equipment on the web. Sure there are more expensive name brands out there – and we’d love to bring them to you, however, they are not affordable to the new security business owner. With high turnaround rates, employees not returning their uniforms and last minute contracts that require several uniform items in order to get started, spending top dollar on uniform items would be an expensive mistake. For my former military and law enforcement professionals: we were used to having a uniform allowance or a quartermaster to supply us with name brand gear whenever we needed it. It’s a whole new ballgame when purchasing uniforms becomes something that eats some (or all) of your profit. Our business model has been to share information that will help security business owners. One of the biggest mistakes that we see new business owners make is overspending on uniforms. Like all of the products, vendors and professionals that we refer our clients to, we have found a security uniform and gear manufacturer that has earned the repeat business of our CEO in his security business. His relationship with this manufacturer has gotten so close, that we decided to become a distributor. That’s how our uniform store evolved. Read more about Blue Line Capital’s Security Business Consulting Firm
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